New Officials Guide

Welcome to the <st1:st1:place w:st="on">North Alabama Football Officials Association.


  1. All officials must be registered with the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA). Go to the AHSAA registration website.   http://ahsaa.arbitersports.com then check the box listed by Football Officials Registration. Click on the “Register” button at the bottom and following the questions. Our association number is FB801 North Alabama FBOA. 

  2. All officials must pay State fees ($60). This will require a debit or credit card and will be paid on this site.

  3. You must pay the State fees to receive the NFHS Rulebook and Casebook. Plus you receive the AHSAA Officials Manual.

  4. Once you have registered, you can take the State test. Every official has to take this test every year. The test consist of 50 True/False questions and it’s an open book. You have three chances to pass the test. Don’t sweat the test, we’ll get you through it.


  1. NAFOA has yearly dues of $40. There are few methods to pay it:

    1. New officials must pay $25 for books and then can have the balance deducted by the Paymaster from your paycheck. 

    2. Pay the full $40 when you come to the meeting.

    3. Have the Paymaster deduct it from your paycheck over multiple weeks.


The uniform consist of: AHSAA Official Shirt, Black pants with white stripe, Fitted Black Hat with piping, Black leather belt, Mostly Black shoes (can have some white), Yellow flags, Whistle, White or Black Beanbag, Scorecard, Black socks, Chain clip and Down indictor.

This is not required but you will need them. Compression shorts and a black undershirt (T-shirt or compression).

There are many vendors that carry official equipment.

Local: Winning Edge on South Parkway, next to Rosie’s.

Head to Toe Officials, www.head2toesofficials.com

One Stop Sports, is located in Birmingham, www.1stopsportsshop.com

One Stop will come to one of our meeting before the season starts.

Honigs www.honigs.com   Purchase Officials www.purchaseofficials.com

Ump-Attire www.ump-attire.com


Now you are ready for some games. 

  • We will have many pre-season games. Work as many games as possible, there will be veteran officials there to help you.

  • NAFOA covers Rec league, Middle School, Freshman/JV and Varsity games. 

  • Games are played on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 

  • Games on Monday – Thursday usually start around 4:30 – 5:30PM and most games are double headers. You will need to be at the game site 30 minutes prior to game time.

  • Friday Varsity games are worked by veteran officials, however the newer officials are used on the game clock, play clock and chain crews. Games start at 7PM, the officials must be at the game site by 5:30PM.

  • We use an online scheduling software. Arbiter. http://www.arbitersports.com/

  • Jason Elin is our Assigner. He will help you set-up your account. 

  • The great thing about Arbiter is you can block dates when you need to be off. Plus if you don’t get off work until 5PM, Arbiter software will not assign you games until after 5PM.

  • There are two methods to receive games: self-assign and assigned.

  • The Rec league and Middle School games are self-assign. That means you log in to Arbiter and find games that works with your schedule. 

  • For the Assigned games (Via Will), you will receive an email stating you have a new game assignment. When you login to Arbiter, you will see the new game(s) with 2 options “ACCEPT” or “DECLINE”. 

  • You have accepted the game. The REFEREE will place a note for the game stating what time to be there. You need to acknowledge the note. 


  • The first meeting of the year is Sunday July 14th, 2019.

  • Meeting is held at Randolph School located at 4915 Garth Road SE.

  • Rookie meeting starts at 6PM and then followed by the general meeting at 7PM. Meeting are completed by 8PM.

  • The first 6 meeting are training rookies to take the test and learning mechanics.

  • Separate training sessions are held for rookies and veterans.

  • The last meeting will be October 27th, 2019.


  • This is a one-day camp that is held the first or second Saturday in August.

  • Separate training for rookies and veterans.

  • NAFOA covers the cost ($30) of the camp for rookies.

  • Camp is held locally. Starts at 8AM and is done around 3PM. Lunch is provided.


  • Rec League games are $28 on-field

  • Middle School games are $55 on-field and $35 for clock

  • Freshman games are $55 on-field and $35 for clock

  • JV games are $65 on-field and $40 for clocks

  • Varsity games (5 person crew) are $110 on-field and $55 for clocks.

  • Varsity games (7 person crew) are $100 on-field and $55 for clocks.

  • Chain crews for Varsity games are $30.


  • Total miles are based on one way (not round trip) from each individual’s address listed in arbiter.  Arbiter list the total miles from the officials address to the address of the competition site.

    • 0-60 miles – No additional travel compensation

    • 61-120 miles - $25 travel for each official

    • 121-180 miles - $50 travel for each official

    • 181 and above - $75 travel for each official

    • A Maximum of 2 travels will be paid per day.

    • If you carpool with someone, you should pay them for gas.

  • You can be paid in multiple ways: Weekly, Monthly or Year-end check.


We will have some spring games around middle May. This is a great opportunity to get some training and also meet other officials. You are allowed to work as many as you want to.